All That Glitters Is Not Gold
As the old saying goes, it is a fact of modern life that we prefer to choose only what seems to be attractive and glamorous. Either the case is of choosing a party dress or a career, the parameter of selection is becoming only one, what attracts the eyes is the final choice. During my interaction with students in my sessions, I have always come across almost the same kind of mindsets. With many new colleges coming up and with new courses joining the race of education, it has actually become quiet confusing for both the children and parents to choose the right path for a successful career ahead.
I do agree that it is very important for a child to choose a career which can give him a fulfilled life ahead but at the same time I hold the opinion that without having interest in something it is not possible for the child to pursue it with the passion required and gain the expected outcomes after the completion. Engineering and Management degrees undoubtedly are one of the most promising career options but they are not the only one. There are many more new diplomas and certifications coming in which have huge and multiple career options. For an example Advance Diploma in Cookery, Air Travel & Tourism, Career Counseling and Planning, Office Management and much more to explore.
First of all, parents need to understand their child’s mindset and interest. Career counseling should be done in order to know a child’s likes and dislikes. No matter how glittering and ambitious a career option may seem to be but it should never be forced on a child’s mind. A child can only have a good life if he/she is creatively good at what he/she is studying.
So I hereby urge all the parents to help their children choosing a right career through understanding their particular choices, skills and interests. It is not important that the child must be doing the same as other children are, what is important is that he/she must have the ability to understand the concept and create something new out of it.

                                                                                                                                Ravinder Matharu