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This article is for IT and Computer Science students who wanted to develop their carrier in some Web Hosting Company. In a web hosting company, one can work as a Customer Support, Technical Support Member or as an Network Administrator. However, the post of Administrator is a bit higher and requires some prior experience as it is very critical job as you have to face and solve problems in a very fast way in case of down time of a server. is a good blog of Web Hosting Reviews 2013.
          There are many Web Hosting Companies that are hiring new employees. Some are very expensive while others are very Cheap Web Hosting Providers. But here, we have listed World's Best Top Web Hosting Companies, which provides very good salaries with other benefits. These are the companies which will enable you to earn some name and fame and let you bright your future. The main posts in these Web Hosting and related Companies are :
  • Technical Support
  • Billing
  • Sales
  • IT/System Administrator
  • Development.

Best Top Web Hosting Companies to Get Placed Into:

Following are the Web Hosting Companies which earned a great name and trust from Users.
  • Hostgator: When it comes to Web Hosting, every one recommends Hostgator. Hostgator is the best Web Hosting Provider in the World. They also provides Jobs in the fields mentioned above. As their slogan says 'We Eat Up The Competition' They really did it.
  • Bluehost: Bluehost is also very old player in the game of Web Hosting. They provides anytime money back guarantee to their customers. They have two Buildings where their employees used to work. Both of them contains a Gym and also Free Food.
  • InMotion :InMotion is a very good web hosting provider. In the list of Top Web Hosting Providers of 2013, they also earned a position in Top 10 Web Hosts. They have two offices, one at Los Angeles – California and other at Virginia Beach – Virginia. To know more about InMotion Web Hosting.
  • cPanel:If you ever worked as a Blogger or Webmaster or have ever managed any website or blog then you must know about cPanel. It is the best Award Winning Control Panel, which is widely used for managing a website or blog. It has various features and is an Open Source tool. Getting Job in cPanel's employee is also considered as great opportunity. 
  • GreenGeeks: GreenGeeks are also very nice Web Hosting Provider. They earned good name and fame in very small time. Getting a Job in such a new Web Hosting Company also have some other benefits such as new staff and new thinking. GreenGeek's Data Centers are fully powered by Wind Energy.
  • GoDaddy: Godaddy is the Daddy in Domain Name Registrants. Now they are also offering very good Web Hosting Plans to their customers at very optimum prices. Godaddy is very old Web Hosting Company , so they will also pay higher salaries than others. But some prior experience in Web Hosting Niche may be required to get placed in Godaddy.
That is the list of some well known and well reputed Web Hosting Companies. The choice to for a specific company is totally depends on you. You should examine honestly which one of them will be best for you.
Gaurav Khanna
Dy. Director
CT Group of Institutions