On Campus Placements
Getting Job in a good company is every student's desire. The old method of recruitment was such that students have to come to the company for getting placed. But now a days, this trend has been changed. Now most of the placements take place On Campus. In On campus placements, students got placed in the company called by their respective colleges. Many companies now visit High-reputation colleges in order to find new talent.
          So, the placement that is carried in a college is called On Campus Placement. On-campus placements have become very popular method of hiring employees. With this, students who are eager to get a job in a company can get their dream job without doing any extra work. In On-campus placements, students don't even have to carry long documentaries as in most of the cases, the company gives a form to students in which they have to fill their details. Thus company gets their data through forms. The salary given to the selected students is also higher than the students who are hired OFF-Campus.
         For On-Campus placements, every college has different-different rules and regulations. Some colleges allow their students to sit in exams for all called companies while others allow only one company for consideration. On the basis of number of companies for which a student can apply, the On-Campus can be divided into following two parts:

    Single Appearance and
    Double Appearance Placements.

Single Appearance Placements: In a college where a student can only appear in exam for only one company, the placement is called Single Appearance Placement.

Double Appearance Placements: If a college allows students to appear in two or multiple companies then the placement is called Double Appearance Placement.

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